Chapter 9

'Musical' Numbers Page Element

The Rules: In a musical, include the Musical Numbers Page after the Cast Page. The exact format varies, but think two columns: in the left column list the titles of the songs, and the right column, left indented approximately 3", list the performing characters. Divide the show into acts.

Below is the Musical Numbers Page for Day One, for which I wrote book and lyrics, a commission from the Choate Rosemary Hall Summer Arts Conservatory, where I served as playwright-in-residence.

                                  LIST OF SONGS

Act I
"Day One"                              The Cast
"A Hole in the Wall"                   Jake, Stanley, Wannabes
"This Place This Time"                 Stanley, Stella, Jake
"Mohammed Ali"                         Skeeter
"The Solution is Clear"                Erika, Skeeter, Wannabes
"The Solution is Clear" (reprise)      Erika, Skeeter, Blaise
"Fifteen Minutes"                      Thyme, Ensemble
"Melt Into Me"                         Helen
"A Good Boy is Hard to Find, and a     Wannabes
Good Man is Downright Impossible"
"Out Past Infinity"                    Blaise
"Don't Let it Splatter"                Helen, Jake, Stanley, Stella, Skeeter

Act II
"Locker Room Blues/Year-Long Limbo"    Skeeter, The Cast
"New School Order"                     Erika, Wannabes
"Lost Sheep"                           Helen, Jake, Stanley, Stella
"I Hate Stanley"                       Stella
"Sand"                                 Thyme, Jake
"Come on, Jake"                        Wannabes
"Sturdy and Strong"                    Blaise, Jake
"I Hate Stanley" (reprise)             Helen, Wannabes
"In a Heartbeat"                       Stanley, Stella, Helen
"The Dance/Finale"                     The Cast

Act/Scene Heading Element

Typically, Act/Scene Headings are very simple. Act numbers are traditionally written in Roman numerals, while Scene numbers are written as Arabic numbers. Text of both Act and Scene are written in all CAPS and centered on the line. In the past playwrights used to underline these headings, but boldface type stands out better.

The Rules: If you're writing a ten-minute or one-act play with only one scene, you don't need to use Act/Scene headings. But if you're writing a one-act play with multiple scenes or a multi-act play, you need to give your reader some road signs.

Look at it below:

                                      ACT I

                                     SCENE 1

If a play is a one-act, cut the Act Heading (obviously) and just use the Scene Heading. Now, you're ready for the...